Chapter 1: History, Theories, and Methods


Chapter Links



Issues in Developmental Psychology
Discusses four major issues in the field of developmental psychology.

Comparing Theories Of Developmental Psychology

This page has a good overview of many theories of developmental psychology.

Freud's Theory of Development

This tutorial gives information on all five of Freud's stages.

Erikson Tutorial

This excellent tutorial includes a summary chart of Erikson's eight stages, and also has detailed information elaborating on each stage.

The Behavioral Approach Tutorial

The excellent tutorial discusses behaviourists like Watson and Skinner, as well as some basic principles of learning.

Albert Bandura: Biographical Sketch

This page has a biography of famous Canadian psychologist Albert Bandura, and also lists his theories and accomplishments.

Jean Piaget's Theory of Development

This online tutorial is designed to teach the basic theories of Jean Piaget, his stages of cognitive development, as well as his views on intelligence, epistemology, and biological knowledge.

Urie Bronfenbrenner

Obituary for the renowned scholar in developmental psychology.

Research Methods Knowledge Base

This comprehensive web-based textbook explains research methods in the social sciences, from formulating research questions, research design, gathering statistics, to writing a research paper.

Psychological Research on the Net: Developmental Psychology

This page has links to research projects that will give you an idea of the range of phenomena that developmental psychologists investigate. You may actually participate in online research projects.